How to Connect With Instagram Influencers

Many small business owners are curious about the benefit of working with an influencer on social media. These owners can understand why a big company may want to work with a celebrity or someone who has a million followers on a social media platform. But what benefit is there for a smaller business? Here is an assessment.

Using Influencers as a Small Business

The key for a small business in any type of market is to get better brand recognition. Whether the business is online based, or it is run from a physical location, it will require more recognition from the target market. And using an influencer to get that done is a very viable option.

Boosting Follower Counts

The first step is to get more followers on social media. Take Instagram as an example. There are methods on how to increase followers on Instagram that can be very helpful. Buying followers (such as from a company like Buzzoid), likes and comments is one such option. It can be very advantageous for a business to have more followers on their account, as that will make them more attractive to influencers.

Reaching Out

A small business must be a bit more careful when picking an influencer. It is all about having the maximum impact from a single partnership. If the company is based online, the reach can be a bit wider. Those products or services can be sold anywhere, within reason. So the range of influencers who could be useful is also greater.

But a small business that is confined to a single city or a small town will have to be much more selective. It is all about finding influencers who are from the area. Those influencers should have a good amount of followers who leave comments about the area as well.

Why does that matter? Because it is all about connecting with the local audience. If a company knows that influencer has a large following in the area, partnering with them would be a great way to get more people to know about the brand.

Choosing the Right Person

Another aspect to choosing an influencer is their niche. For instance, a computer repair company in a city would not benefit from partnering with a major makeup or fashion influencer from the same city. There may be some overlap of people who love makeup and need to get their computer repaired, but it does not make sense as a partnership.

It is all about finding the ideal balance. When a company can find the influencer who has the right type of reach, the right kind of audience and great content, they may have found a partner!

Then it is all about reaching out to the influencer and making a proposition that will benefit them as well. Small businesses can gain a lot by working with influencers on platforms like Instagram.

People care about what products or services influences recommend. Businesses can get word about their products and services to that audience through partnerships with the most relevant influencers.

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