How to Gain Instagram Fame!

Being famous is a worthy goal, and no matter what anyone tells you, you can be famous. Your definition of fame might be having 1,000 followers or being one of the most searched people, or you could see fame as getting 50 comments and having an audience. It might take a year or two or it might take a decade, but it will work.

First thing’s first; why do you want to be famous? Plenty of people want to be famous for the wrong reasons, and those people never last that long. So, what do you want to be famous for? Is it for spreading a message, your fashion sense, your opinion on various topics?

Instagram is mostly used for photos and videos, so if your content is visual based then you’ll have a good chance at getting noticed on the platform.

Build your audience

Once you’ve answered that question, the question turns to How to get more Instagram followers? Start to think about who you want to interact with. There is an audience for practically everything in the world, so don’t worry about your passion being too much of a niche.

When you get your first follower, or even your first ten, treat them like royalty and be sure to respond to their comments and start to follow them back. Having this mindset when it comes to your followers will cement you as a caring person who takes your followers seriously.

As your follower numbers grow you won’t be able to do so many personal touches, but instead feel free to do giveaways, shout outs, live streams, and other grand gestures that show the people who have decided to follow you that you care about their work and their time.

Have a cool hashtag

Being unique sells, and Instagram hashtags are commonplace in today’s world. A unique hashtag that instantly makes people think of you and your product can not only make your account seem legitimate and unique, but it can also bring in traffic.

Having your hashtag connect to your product can even make people more apt to buy your brand and focus on you, so be sure to take some time to get the hashtag correct. Then be sure to use it whenever and wherever you can to aid in promotion.

Study people who are like you

The idea of sharing, following, and commenting on the people who are doing what you want to do isn’t a new one. Learning from the masters and the people who are living the life you want to live will only benefit you, and if they have any classes or are open to teaching/mentorships, jump at the chance to get them.

By showing your enthusiasm and a true desire to learn from their successes and mistakes, you’ll gain a valuable leg up on the competition and start the journey toward truly becoming famous. Then, maybe you can teach the next batch of newbies that come around on Instagram.

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