How to get the most out of an Insta account

Chances are many people have Instagram accounts but are not using them to their fullest potential. Sure, you can use Instagram to post tons of photos every day, but often the quality of the photos will deter people from becoming followers, not to mention just the sheer amount often being a turnoff.

There’s a lot of tips and tricks that most beginners don’t know about when it comes to getting off on the right foot on Instagram. However, knowing, understanding, and applying these techniques will ultimately help your content reach more people.

Keep the photos naturally colorful.

People’s eyes are naturally attracted to colorful objects, especially those that stand out and invoke an emotion. Taking a photo of a bright fruit basket over a bright background might not be as effective as having the same basket over a grey background. One is easier to see and also allows for more emotion to shine through.

In addition, you should only use the Instagram photos to enhance color, and not saturate or overwhelm the photo. The abuse of filters or having a reliance on them will turn audiences off to the content, whereas keeping things manageable will bring them in.

Manage a posting schedule

When you have too much time and a growing Instagram account you can have major problems with over posting, where you are posting so many videos and photos in a day, and potential followers are simply pushed away by the overabundance of content.

While having a backlog of photos and videos is nice, be sure to post over time and not flood people with things they might not be interested in, otherwise, all those followers for Instagram might start searching elsewhere. The general rule of thumb is posting once a day or every other day, or post in the morning and then the evening.

Gather and manage followers

Once you have followers gained, either naturally through growth or through purchasing a few to give yourself a head start, interact! Replying to comments, liking their own photos, and opening DM’s to chat personally with a select few can all help a user keep their followers engaged.

Don’t be tempted to think of your 1,000 followers as a number, but instead as 1,000 distinct and unique people who deserve respect and attention because they’ve been interested in your content and account. The moment followers are turned into statistics, things start to go downhill.

Always have fun!

No matter how many followers are attached to an account, or how often new content is posted. The owner of the account needs to have enthusiasm and joy in what they are doing, otherwise, everything will feel fake and flat.

As long as there is joy in what is being posted and the followers can feel that, then they will stick with the account and share it with others. After that is done, all the popularity will follow, and taking these steps will be worth it.

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