How to spread a message on social media

With so many worthy causes that people are willing to support nowadays, it’s hard to forget that social media is what’s causing this outburst of social change. Every day it seems like marches, rallies, and public gatherings are all coming together because of social media, but it’s not just limited to these massive companies.

Every single human being has a message inside of them, and a unique story that begs to be told. Sharing the story on social media might be one of the best ways to get the story out there. But where does it all start? How can someone’s story grow to impact millions of people?

Choose one site and stick to it

It can be the first idea that many business owners and influencers have, which is to share their story on as many websites as possible. However, making and managing several accounts can be a fast and easy way to burn out, and can make the message less effective.

Pick one social media site, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and then market exclusively through that. People want to stay on one website and if they can find all the information they need there, then they are more than likely going to follow or subscribe to you. If they have to click through several posts on two or three sites, they might decide the story isn’t worth the effort.

Use everything the tool has to offer

Let’s say Instagram is chosen as the focus for the marketing. Instagram has several features, allowing for photos, videos, and featured stories. While they shouldn’t all be used at once due to the burnout listed above, having a plan to share the message through all of those features should be a priority.

Some of the people who follow the message might love reading about it, others might love giveaways, and more might like watching videos about it. So, have a plan to cater to all of those audiences and methods of marketing.

Buying followers

Sometimes, popularity can draw crowds to a message, and if the process isn’t growing naturally then spending some money might help. Buying Instagram followers in intervals, and letting them attract real followers who will communicate and share your message is a great way to bring the crowd in passively.

Of course, a message built solely on bought followers won’t get the message anywhere. Be sure to interact with the real people who are following and commenting on the content, and encourage them to share and tell their own stories.

Get started

It’s never too late or too early to discover the story that needs to be told. Remember that even the biggest social changes and most influential movements were all dreams by people who simply had the courage to speak their minds.

If they did that and the result was a massive drive of people following and sharing their message, there is no reason why someone else’s message can’t make a change of its own.

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