Using Instagram privately: The popularity of ‘Finstas’

Everyone seems to be wearing a mask nowadays. People just don’t seem to be who they say they are or hide their true intentions or desires. It’s not always bad, but this culture shift does explain the rise of Finstas. These are fake Instagram accounts that people use to separate their private and public lives, and more often than not they are kept secret.

These accounts are mostly used by people to share the real them, so while the main account for Sally might be public knowledge and focused completely on celebrity gossip, the latest news that is going on in her life, and photos of her dog, her Finsta might be completely different.

Finstas are normally focused on the personal lives of their users, so Sally would talk about her thoughts and experiences. She could also keep her focuses extremely personal and only allow family members and certain friends to know about the account’s existence.

Focusing on self-interest

Finstas can also focus on goals and hobbies, and be specialized for them. If Dave wants to learn how to be a business owner, he can create a separate account that only follows and connects to business leaders and those who teach people like him. That way, when he scrolls through the feed, all the posts from his Instagram followers will directly benefit him.

The main account can be filled with photos from friends, family, and celebrities. However, for many people, a second and highly private account is allowed to be tailored to the person who owns it. The feed doesn’t focus on blindly liking photos but instead absorbing highly focused information that has a benefit.

The best benefit is, as interests wax and wane, accounts can simply be unfollowed without causing any problems and the Finsta can be repurposed to focus on a different interest. Instagram is a tool for communication and learning, and having Finstas allows people to do that and gain a crowd of influencers without having to get more Instagram followers.

Using both accounts for benefits

So, while the main account with family, friends, and attracting a crowd by buying Instagram likes, Finsta’s provide a more laser-focused view of what the site is intended to be. A place to learn and grow someone’s interest. Many people are finding it calming to simply break away from the main account where the main focus is looking at others and going to the private account with a focus on themselves.

That way, they can focus on an enhanced and focused experience and filter out all the things that could be distracting. They can also use their Fitness to completely focus on sharing their true selves with the family members and friends they’ve judged worthy of seeing that side of them.

If people are lucky enough to see the real person on a finsta, then they have a window into a real person. In today’s world, more of what’s under the mask is always good.

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